Maciej Fiszer

Maciej Fiszer (1976), photographer and landscapist, focused on landscape and nature, both wild and modified by human hand (photography of contemporary agriculture). For more than 20 years, he has been practicing classic photography, using no filters, cropping or graphic programs to interfere with the image taken. While photographing nature, he comes back many times to the same spot, waiting for the right moment. He devotes a few years to each of his photographic projects, each of these projects is concluded with the author’s album: Od świtu do zmierzchu/From Dawn to Dusk (2003), Warta (2006), Metamorphosis (2009), Requiem (2013), Terra (2014), 900 000 000 (2016), Aeternum (2017), White&Black (2019).

Maciej Fiszer is the author of two volumes of agriculture monographs Alimentorum Cultor Optimus (2004 and 2007), natural portfolios 20+1 (2007) and 33 (2010), and more than twenty award-winning author’s calendars: Wielkopolski Kalendarz Rolniczy/Wielkopolska Agriculture Calendar (2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 editions), Warta (2006), Piękno niedostrzegane/Beauty unnoticed (2007), Metamorphosis (2010), Trzy stany skupienia/Three states of focus (2011), Requiem (2013), Mgnienie/Flash (2014), Ulotne/The Passing ( 2015), Genesis (2016), Aeternum (2017), Lux Plantarum (2018), Panopticum (2019), Panopticum (2020) . In addition, he is the author of Sztuka Łączenia Przestrzeni/Art of Connecting Spaces (2013), an album presenting the output of Ewa i Stanisław Sipińscy architecture studio.

His photographs have been featured in magazines such as „Pozytyw”, „Magazyn Rzeczpospolitej”, National Geographic”, „Wiedza i Życie”, „Voyage”, „Twój Styl”, „Fronda LUX”, „Format”.

The artist has presented his works at solo exhibitions in Poznań: Syberia. Śnieżne Wrota/Siberia. The snowy gate (2002) i Od świtu do zmierzchu/From Dawn to Dusk (2003) – in „pf” Gallery, Warta (2006) –  in Stary Browar Gallery, Pod skórą/Under the Skin (2015) – in Arsenał Gallery during IX Photography Biennale in Poznań, W okamgnieniu. Obrazy z Wielkopolskiej wsi/Wink of an Eye. Pictures from the Polish Countryside (od 2012) – permanent exhibition in the National Museum of Agriculture and Food in Szreniawa, and at many other shows countrywide such as the travelling National Geographic exhibition Ostatnie takie miejsca na Ziemi/Last such Places on Earth.

Maciej Fiszer is a member of the Association of Art Photographers and Association of Nature Photographers. Many of his works belong to private collections.