Traffic of Favours

Traffic of Favours​
Agnieszka Grodzińska

The whole world moves due to the exchange of favours – the movement of people is due to the movement of favours. Gateway cities will only let in those who are considered worth letting in. Tickets open up doorways. Further progress is a promise based on complicated structures of kindness and duty.

The ones to whom it is worth giving a favour will expect to owe a level of gratitude. They will  build the foundations of a relationship with you. These foundations will build up: they will erect constructions, which in turn will speed up interactions between you. Newcomers who have nothing to lose will see to create a new construction. Each commitment represents a brick taken out of the wall – when it is not possible to jump over it, it is better to slowly crumble it.  

Exclusivity and separation trigger off exchange. Disconnection and stoppage is a primal construction. 

The tourist and the local inhabitant pass each other without touching. The world will not stop spinning, although as they say, the East is only a hypothesis.

Curator: Jagna Domżalska

MAK Gallery Venice
Calle Regina, 2261
Santa Croce

Opening: July 19, 2019, 7 pm
The exhibition is on view through August 9, 2019
Monday–Sunday, 2 pm–7 pm